Building Leading Managers

Management Skill and Leadership Perspective.

A leading manager has a significant influence on the engagement levels of all your people as they drive task execution. A true leading manager can create an excellent working environment and, when effective, identify and nurture the future leaders in your organisation.

Where the Leading Managers Programme is Effective:

  • Your organisational culture needs a refresh and leading 'champions'
  • Your manager's ability to see the bigger picture needs to improve
  • You'd like your managers to have a better understanding of their role
  • Your managers need to learn to lead their teams while ensuring workflows are accurate and effective

Manager Training

Leadership outcomes:

  • A leadership mindset in your managers
  • Foundational management skills are in place
  • An increase in your manager’s alignment with organisational goals
  • Increased personal and team performance

Programme overview:

  • 3-5-month dynamic programme
  • Pre-programme assessment and profiling
  • Four half-day interactive workshops
  • Coaching via WhatsApp
  • Online learning integration tool
  • Post programme assessment and organisational learning
The Lockstep Leading Manager Programme
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Training Your Managers to be Leaders.

Training your managers to choose to lead their team through times of change, instability, growth or plateau, will ensure you are able to develop your leadership bench-strength and that your business is optimally set up for success.

Are Your Managers Leading by Example?

  • Are your managers choosing to lead, not viewing it as a task?
  • Do your managers believe leadership requires a holistic view?
  • Do your managers concentrate on the ‘how’
  • Are your managers building management skills?

Leading Managers

How to Motivate Managers:

  • Maintain strong professional relationships within your team
  • Consistently drive managers to meet short term goals
  • Pioneer safety, judgement and excellence in the workplace
  • Align your management team to organisational goals with consistent communication.

How to Lead a Team Through Change:

  • Align behind a common vision
  • Have a clear action plan in place and communicate it to your team
  • Be agile and willing to adjust in real-time
  • Set up consistent communication between teams
  • Read more about how to lead a team through change
Rob Broster from Lockstep Leading Managers Program

Rob Broster heads up the leading manager programme.

I help clients build better workplaces by helping them achieve their strategy through positive cultures, strong leadership, effective management and engaged team members. I love working with people and helping the connection, growth and development of tangible skills. I lead the 'measurement' practice for our clients at Lockstep and believe that we can help people assess and measure their development and progress in order to be more focused and conscious of their growth journeys.

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