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The most complex business challenges are reserved for CEOs. Lockstep understands that as a CEO you're expected to perform at the highest level day-to-day across all aspects of the business, whilst simultaneously navigating the future path of the organisation. This is both the challenge and the exclusive privilege of being CEO: overseeing all aspects of a business with consistent excellence.

Through the CEO-related offerings, Lockstep is able to bring about a layer of performance, enjoyment and fulfilment that most CEOs do not realise is available to them.

CEO Advisory

The Lockstep Advisory process helps CEOs develop a unique craft that is a pathway to a high-impact, high-fulfillment experience of this challenging position. The experience of our partnering CEOs is that they feel a relief in not having to make key decisions on their own, and more confident knowing that external expertise is available to fill inevitable gaps in the broad CEO skill set.

The Lockstep CEO Advisory service is an always-on, personalised relationship that offers practical solutions to drive performance, inspire an organisation and build broad leadership capacity across an organisation. The shape and form of the engagement is determined solely by the CEO client, including cadence of sessions, length of engagement, location of conversations, and the application of Lockstep methodologies.

The Lockstep Genius CEO Retreat

The Lockstep Genius CEO Retreat is a rare opportunity for CEOs to re-energise and re-dedicate to the task of being a CEO. During this three-day process a select group of CEOs work together in to refine their CEO craft and prepare for their next leadership challenge.

The nature of the experience is deep-impact and transformational. The Retreat is not a heady cognitive exercise but rather an intensive but highly rewarding exploration of the unique leadership ability of each CEO. Alumni typically leave with a re-shaped role that is optimised for their specific talents and a way to transmit their leadership influence into the far corners of their organisation. Most importantly, they feel privileged and inspired to fill the position of CEO.

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The Genuis CEO retreat and CEO advisory is led by Rowan Belchers, a highly respected advisor to CEOs with two decades’ experience in guiding businesses and their leaders towards their unique Genius.

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