Leadership for Future Leaders

Build your leadership bench strength while retaining your high potential talent.

This customised solution develops each aspiring leader in line with your business needs, differentiating our programme from outsourced, standard offerings. In-depth integration and mentoring processes increase employee engagement and ensure that each individual makes an excellent leadership contribution to your organisation.

Scenarios where this programme is effective:

  • The business has grown and you need more leaders to take ownership of their work quality
  • Change is imminent and you require a strong leadership group outside of your executive team
  • There is a new vision for the business which must be 'trickled down' into the organisation
  • You want to retain your high potential talent and assess their readiness for a more senior leadership role
Leadership for Executive Teams


  • An increase in cultural alignment
  • Deeper commitment to the organisation
  • Clear career paths for the aspiring leaders
  • Greater self-knowledge in the leaders
  • Improved personal performance

Programme overview:

  • 5-month programme
  • Four Interactive workshops
  • Integration conversations
  • Structured performance conversations using our customised MOVER framework
  • Group value-adding project
  • Presentations
  • Feedback to Exco
  • Ending off with a formal dinner
The Lockstep Aspiring Leaders Project
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Tom Dawson-Squibb

The Aspiring Leaders Programme is overseen by Lockstep Senior Associate, Tom Dawson-Squibb.

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