Lockstep partners with clients who seek customised leadership solutions.

Our programmes build the necessary leadership skills to drive strategy and deliver performance.

Lockstep is unwaveringly optimistic about leadership's impact on society.

Leaders at their finest

Different business situations require different leadership skills.

Lockstep has experience building leaders for the following scenarios:
At Lockstep we enable you to solve your leadership challenges.
  • Leading early-stage or startup businesses
  • Navigating expansion or hyper-growth
  • Deepening leadership bench-strength
  • Future-fitting a business amidst rapid market changes
  • Forming first-time leadership teams
  • Merging executive teams post acquisition
  • Leading through culture change or disruption

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Our Leadership Programmes

Our Leadership Programmes

Provide real-time learning, actionable performance insights and the practical tools to sustain change in organisations.
We work in four key areas linking leadership behaviours to business results.

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Our Clients

Lockstep partners with progressive organisations, ranging from listed corporations and family-owned businesses, to equity-backed enterprises and private companies. Our clients share our view that every business requires excellent leadership and experience a personalised process with us while gaining exposure to our proprietary Lockstep methodology.

About Us

We are a tribe of leadership practitioners, working towards the shared goal of enabling leaders of the finest caliber. Our team members are industry experts with a wealth of corporate business experience.

Leadership Unlocked

A collection of leadership insights.

My way or the right way

My way or the right way

Search for the right way more than your way, and you will likely find that you become known as someone who truly makes an impact.

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How to build your company’s leadership bench strength strategically

How to build your company’s leadership bench strength strategically

Without a strategic plan to build leadership bench strength, you are leaving your company in a vulnerable position and you might very well be chasing away your company’s top talent - inadvertently, of course.

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Your business is wildly successful – now what?

Your business is wildly successful – now what?

Rapid expansion is both a gift and a challenge. Here's what to do if your business is growing faster than you can handle it - and the risks if you don't manage it properly.

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