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Lockstep develops business leaders

Our niche is in partnering with clients who require their own unique leadership solutions to drive their strategy and align with culture.

We work with CEOs, Executive teams and Future leaders.

Leaders at their finest

Leadership Programmes

At Lockstep, we understand the nuances of leadership and go the distance with CEOs, Executive Teams and Future Leaders to build leaders of exceptional character. Leaders who are able to energise others, set high standards and make good decisions amidst a sea of business complexity.

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Our Clients

We believe that leadership is the primary lever for business performance and over the last 15 years we have partnered with clients to create more than one billion rand in increased turnover.

About Us

We are a tribe of professional leadership practitioners who work towards a shared purpose, enabling leaders at their finest. The team is comprised of industry experts with a great depth of knowledge in business management, organisational development, executive coaching and personal-professional development.

Leadership Unlocked

A collection of leadership insights.

Are you getting the best from your Executive Team?

Are you getting the best from your Executive Team?

Many CEO’s hold the belief that putting a group of highly skilled executives around the same boardroom table makes them…

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Case Study: The Lightspark Project

Case Study: The Lightspark Project

Aligning personal and organisational aspirations.

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Leadership takes place in conversations

Leadership takes place in conversations

When I first heard the view that leadership in its everyday form actually happens during conversations, it struck me as…

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